Access to smart phone apps and various digital applications has allowed today’s teachers to enhance their instruction and offer children a wider range of lessons from which to gain knowledge. There are a number of notable apps that all teachers should consider as helpful additions to their advanced curriculum tools.



my math for ipad

1. My Math Flash Cards

Offering teachers an enhanced option for teaching basic math functions, My Math Cards is a highly customizable Ipad app that is easy to use and simple for children to understand. Flash cards are valuable for children because they reinforce math facts through visual absorption of knowledge and also enhance math retention.



teachers assistand pro for ipad

2. Teacher’s Assistant Pro: Track Student Behavior

Measuring a variety of different types of behaviors and habits is essential for any teacher and his or her students. Teacher’s Assistant Pro allows for an in-depth recording of a variety of different behaviors for each student while also recording the various disciplinary measures taken to improve the child’s behavior.



brain pop for ipad

3. BrainPOP Featured Movie

Modern children consume information at a significant rate when it is presented in movie form and with BrainPOP Featured Movie it’s easy to share complex ideas and information with children through a fun movie interface. BrainPOP also offers quizzes to test knowledge gained and retained through the use of the app.



the elements for ipad

4. The Elements: A Visual Exploration

The periodic table is a large and complex set of information that can be challenging for any student to understand. With The Elements: A Visual Exploration, the periodic table of the elements is presented in a colorful and interactive format and lends itself well to knowledge retention, comprehension, and learning.



world book for ipad

5. WORLD BOOK – This Day in History for iPad

History is a subject that offers endless information and topics, and with WORLD BOOK – This Day in History for iPad, students are offered a beautifully graphic representation of history with valuable pictures and information. The app makes it easy to remember when key dates in history occurred and offers valuable pieces of information associated with those events.



sentence builder for ipad

6. SentenceBuilder™ for iPad

Learning all the complex rules of proper grammar often escapes children, but with SentenceBuilder™ for iPad, a teacher will be able to make use of a visual and graphic representation of fundamental rules of English for his or her students. The fun graphics make it easier for students with learning disabilities to understand grammar conventions through visual repetition.



grade it for ipad

7. Grade It!

Instead of spending time trying to compute the letter grade for a student’s assignment, using Grade It! is the fastest way to calculate the various letter grades for an assignment. The app offers a clear and straightforward interface to help teachers save time each time they grade papers and need letter grades.



learn spanish for ipad

8. Learn Spanish

Consistent exposure to foreign language lessons is essential for any student wishing to learn another language, and with Learn Spanish, even the youngest students will be able to learn essential phrases and words in Spanish and retain them while using this app through valuable repetition and a clear graphical interface.



science 360 for ipad

9.  Science360 for iPad

Not only are advanced science topics indispensable for lessons for children today, but it’s also essential to make sure that students are also exposed to today’s newest science topics. With Science360 for iPad, students will have access to a highly valuable news feed which will deliver all the latest types of science information right to their tablet.



cursive touch and write for ipad

10. Cursive Touch and Write

Students today are much less likely to take their handwriting studies seriously because they spend so much time typing instead of using a pen or pencil, but with Cursive Touch and Write, a student will be able to combine their enjoyment of using an iPad with valuable cursive and handwriting lessons.