Teachers need all of the educational tools and resources they can get their hands on as our society develops a greater appetite for information. Below you will find some of the most superb iPhone applications for educators on the market today.



flash to pass for iphone

1. FlashToPass Free Math Flash Cards

This incredibly user-friendly app is an elementary school level math program that uses flashcard visuals to perform drills. With a variety of options for quizzes and challenges that increase in difficulty, this app is a must-have for teachers and parents alike who want their children to get ahead in math. This program also boasts ten different language settings including Russian, Arabic and Japanese.



star walk for iphone

2. Star Walk™ HD – 5 Stars Astronomy Guide t

This 2010 recipient of the Apple Design Award is an amazing educational tool. As an early introduction to in-depth astronomy the concept is very simple. All you have to do is launch the program and aim your iPhone at the evening stars, and constellations, planets and distant moons all become accessible with detailed information as you move your device around the sky.



duolingo for iphone

3. Duolingo

This free language learning software comes in a super fun, interactive format and has enjoyed great success where other costly language programs have failed. There are no ads, and you get to exercise your new skills by translating real texts into whichever language you choose, which serves to translate the internet for the world.



groovy grader for iphone

4. Groovy Grader

One of the most time consuming tasks as a teacher is grading. Countless hours are spent weekly reviewing tests and quizzes and calculating their scores. Groovy Grader shaves so much time off your grading, you won’t know what to do with yourself!



flashcards for iphone

5. Flashcards

This flashcard program is from the next generation of study tools. Instead of having to purchase multiple packs of index cards for every subject you learn, this all-inclusive study system provides realistic looks, and a smart sharing and updating system that only requires a free Brainscape account to manage.



articulation_station for iphone

6. Articulation Station

This bright and highly engaging speech program is a delightful way to enhance diction, enunciation and elocution for all ages. With a variety of practice levels and targeted sound programs to choose from, this free little app will have you speaking more clearly and beautifully in no time.



pick me for iphone

7. Pick Me!

This app is positively essential for assessing that all-important class participation grade. It randomly picks students to answer questions, keeps track of their answers and can even send this information to the teacher, parents or students. You also have the power to control how often a student gets called upon.



pbs for iphone

8. PBS

This fantastic free application brings you the very best in PBS programming, including some of their most iconic and informative shows, as well as original online content. This app also allows you to reach into PBS archives for gems.



evernote for iphone

9. Evernote

This ingenious free program provides a neat, centralized organization system for your collected data across devices. You can sync files, create task lists, record voice reminders, take notes and become a more organized person with this app.



pinterest for iphone

10. Pinterest

Pinterest is a profound upgrade to the favorites folders of yore. Reminiscent of pinning a magazine cutout to a board, this program allows you to scour the internet and pool your favorite content into one centralized location which can be seen by and shared with each of Pinterest’s many other users. Create your own categories and follow other people’s boards. This free application is available on iTunes and will provide endless hours of internet scrap booking fun.