Many people may wonder, how much does a superintendent make? Before we get into the logistics, you may want to know exactly what a superintendent is, what a superintendent does, and how to launch a career as a superintendent.

What is a superintendent?

A superintendent is a highly trained leader in charge of the schools under his or her school district.

What does a superintendent do?

As a superintendent over numerous schools in the district with many needs, a superintendent’s job is never done. A superintendent overlooks the administrative functions of their schools to make sure everything is running smoothly and in accordance with the state school system and Board of Trustees. They ensure that the administrators, teachers, and faculty members are providing the most optimum opportunity for their students and an invaluable educational experience.

From a business stance, a superintendent is in charge of creating and setting school budgets, making teaching strategies and plans, implementing a school structure to provide excellent learning conditions, employment changes, and payroll situations. They must create financial and operational short and long term goals, and attend to financial shortages and overages.

Aside from the school duties, from a public perspective, the superintendent is the spokesperson for any victory or mishap that occurs in their schools. They must be at news conferences and meetings that require their attendance.

How can someone become a superintendent?

To pursue a career as a superintendent, one must first have a high school diploma or GED. From there, the typical degree the average superintendent earns is a Master’s Degree in Education earned from an accredited university. In substitute, one can attain a Master’s Degree in School Administration and anything else of the like. Others feel the need to extend their educational range by attaining numerous Doctorate degrees in the education field.

The average superintendent usually begins their career as a teacher or school principal. From that position they must work their way up in the school system and prove that they are capable of being the school district superintendent. To become a superintendent, you must go before the school district’s Board of Trustees. Once accepted into the position you must undergo continuous educational training and workshops to ensure your skills are up to date with the school system.

Many superintendents have an average of five years or more experience in the field.

In addition to your various degrees, many superintendents are awarded a Certification of Superintendent Professionalism.

Aside from the professional stand point, a superintendent should be affable with great communication skills. Superintendents will be in communication with many people from students to their parents to the media.

How much does a superintendent earn annually?

This could be the next question that concern many people today. As with many careers today, pay usually varies by experience. According to the latest reported salary analysis for superintendents, the average superintendent earns a median income of $141,108 annually.

With all these great points about becoming a superintendent, it is no wonder why people ask, How much does a superintendent make?