The Best Teaching Colleges

As an aspiring or existing teacher, it’s important to know your options when it comes to getting your teaching degree or advancing your career with a graduate degree in teaching. Our mission is to help you sort through the thousands of options available to you and present you with the best teaching degree programs in a variety of categories, including undergraduate teaching degrees, graduate teaching degrees, special education degrees, online teaching degrees, and more.

The Best Teacher Colleges

The tradition of teacher education is a strong one in the United States. Many students coming up through the educational system view teachers are role models, and aspire to become teachers themselves one day. Consequently, teaching is a popular college major, with many tens of thousands of students graduating with teaching degrees every year.

Many of them find employment as teachers at elementary and secondary schools, as there is almost always high demand for teachers in nearly every region of the country and in many educational subjects and levels. Others go on to graduate school to get a master’s in teaching or even a Ph.D., and continue on to teach teachers at the college and graduate level. The best teacher colleges understand the importance of training those who will teach several generations of students in this country.

Teaching Colleges Online

Online Degrees (also known as Distance Learning Degrees) have become more popular in recent years, and technology has enabled students to get an online degree in nearly every field, including teaching. We evaluate the Top 10 Online Teaching Degree Programs as well as those representing strong value for prospective students.

Teacher Resources

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